Silhouette Furniture


Life Time Guarantee – Workmanship & Frame
Each item of furniture is hand welded by our team of experts. This workmanship has a life time guarantee. The aluminum frame also has a lifetime guarantee against rusting.
This Guarantee is for two years, but this excludes any damage caused by neglect/mis-use. To care for and clean powder coated furniture, simply wash with a hose and leave to dry. If it is very dirty, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and soapy water.
Fibre Cane:
The fibrecane weave is UV stabilized – will not fade – 2 year guarantee. If you are based in a moist climate, where mildew is eminent, it is suggested that you clean down the weave with warm soapy water, especially underneath the items of furniture.
Fibreglass top – 2 year guarantee Use heat resistance placemats to prevent direct, high heat to the table surface.

The Guarantee falls null and void if any damage has resulted from misuse, abuse, neglect or any environmental hazards. Claims will not be entertained by non compliance of the above care instructions. Each case will be assessed and the relevant course of action will be taken to ensure the best possible service.




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