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Care & Maintenance

Aluminium Furniture:

Though aluminum furniture will last for years without rust or corrosion, exposure to the elements can lead to oxidation. Our line of quality aluminum outdoor furniture is specially treated with powder coating to withstand a variety of climate conditions. With proper care and maintenance, your powder coated aluminum furniture will provide years of hassle-free outdoor living.

In the unlikely event there is some oxidation, wash frames with a mild soap and water only. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use any chemicals or abrasives to clean furniture as this may affect the finish.

Wash and rinse the weaving material and aluminum frame with a mild household detergent several times a season. This will remove dirt, body oils, chemicals and other substances. Heavy stains can be treated with household cleaners.

Cane & Wicker Furniture:

Cane & Wicker is one of the most maintenance-free furniture materials in the world, and requires very little care in comparison to other types of furniture. It is important to note that Cane furniture is not outdoor furniture. Whist a lot of steam and water is used in production; cane furniture should not be exposed continually to the weather. As long as it has a roof covering it and it only gets occasional rain and sun, it should be all right. Big problems arise when cane gets continually wet and then dry, wet and then dry. What happens then is it become brittle and starts to flake.

Exposing your cane furniture to excessive sunlight will also affect the colour of the cane over time. In the event of your Cane & Wicker furniture getting dusty or dirty, there are two suggestions. Firstly one can use the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner, or, secondly, wipe it with a cloth with a warm soapy solution on it.

If your furniture is really dirty or soiled you may find it beneficiary to hose it down, but make sure you dry your furniture properly as it will result in mould if you don’t. Please ensure that you remove all cushions prior to hosing down.

Cane & Wicker is an excellent choice for furniture both indoors and on a covered veranda. It is a very flexible and useful material and has been used for hundreds of years. With proper care and maintenance, your wicker furniture should provide many years of comfort and enjoyment.


The cushions used on leisure furniture can be susceptible to fading. Turning the cushions regularly and taking them indoors when not in use will help slowing down the fading process. One of the best ways to keep fabrics looking good and to delay deep or vigorous cleaning is to properly maintain the fabrics. This can be accomplished by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur. Mildew grows in dirt, not fabric – another good reason to address stains promptly and keep furniture clean. Rinsing is very important. If soap is left, it becomes sticky and attracts more dirt. If bleach is left, it may breakdown fibers and weakens their strength.

General or light cleaning

  • Brush off any loose dirt.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of 10 grams (1/4 cup) mild soap per liters of lukewarm water (less than 100°F/38°C).
  • Use a sponge or a soft bristle brush to clean.
  • Allow cleaning solution to soak into fabric.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.
  • Allow fabric to air dry.
  • For removable cushion covers, machine wash in cold water (less than 100°F/38°C). Depending on wash load size, use normal amounts of mild laundry soap. Allow fabric to air dry.

NB: Please refer to fabric suppliers instructions prior to cleaning

Caring for Outdoor Fabrics:

Fade and mildew-resistant outdoor fabric, made of 100% polyester or a synthetic blend, is designed for outdoor use. This requires the use of water-based cleaners only.

Vacuum or lightly brush the fabric frequently to remove loose dust and debris.

Spot clean the fabric, as needed. Apply a small amount of water-based foam upholstery cleaner to spots with a soft cloth or sponge, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the foam cleaner dry and vacuum away the residue.

Turn over or reposition cushions covered with Solarium fabric regularly to minimize excess wear and fading.

Move items covered with the fabric out of direct sunlight when not in use.

Store items covered with the fabric inside during inclement weather to protect them from the elements.

Table Tops:

Should your fibre glass top get stained or marked please follow the procedure below:

  1. Clean the top with a soft cloth
  2. Cover the top with white vinegar (Standard vinegar bought at the local store)
  3. Wrap the top with cling wrap – this is to keep the vinegar on the top
  4. Allow to stand overnight
  5. Remove cling wrap
  6. Rinse the top with Lemon juice (Standard lemon juice bought at the local store) using a clean sponge. N.B. When rinsing the top with the lemon juice ensure that a single straight direction is use with the sponge.
  7. Finally rinse the top with water – using a soft cloth and wiping in a single straight direction.



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